Oral History Project Office

The Oral History Project Office preserves the lived experience of American innovation by collecting and interpreting oral histories of business and technology. Working to advance Hagley’s core mission, the office serves three key constituencies: the business community, scholars, and the wider public. Collecting oral histories preserves the heritage of businesses, organizations, and individuals; creates value-added resources for researchers; and provides listeners with direct access to the experiences of history makers.

The inaugural project offered by the office is an oral history series of interviews documenting the research and development behind Kevlar, recognizing the 50th anniversary of this famous DuPont product. The series can be accessed here.

In 2015, we released a second a project about the craft brewing industry in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

The Oral History Project Office builds on a tradition of oral history at Hagley, and the library collections hold a treasure trove of oral histories on a range of subjects. The future of Hagley is to more actively document the past.

Banner image: Ernest Dichter - a pioneer of motivational marketing research - with an unidentified group. Read more about Mr. Dichter's collection at Hagley